Sunday, May 31, 2009

Your Daily Stam


Yesterday, I saw UP, and it is nothing short of amazing. There is some serious content in it, and you might feel compelled to cry after the first fifteen minutes of the movie. (IT'S OKAY if you do.) However, there are definitely-- SQUIRREL!-- bits of the movie that are HILARIOUS. If you have not seen this movie, go see it. Now.

Coco demands you see it, or she'll slash your jugular with a stiletto.

Ali Stephens Will Kick Your Ass

Some of the photos from Ali Stephen's editorial for i-D's June/July '09 issue. It was shot by Hans Feurer. Honestly, it's nothing groundbreaking, but I had to share it because I just think her and her body look amazing. Enjoy.

scans via northern star @ tFs

Friday, May 29, 2009

Let's Get Naked

Louis Vuitton, Christopher Kane, Comme des Garçons, D&G, Alberta Ferretti, Missoni

The designers are losing it--- they're sending models down the runway without their clothes on! The recession has finally plunged its dark claws all the way into the collections. Free yourself from the cost of clothes, and just go naked. IT'S THE ANIT-TREND! Haven't you people heard of public indecency?

Wait... what's that you say?

Oh, now that I take a closer look, it seems they ARE wearing clothes. After further inspection, it seems these clothes are off the hook. Louis Vuitton had some brilliant nude pieces, but my personal favorite was the nude sheer top paired with a felt looking bubble skirt. Christopher Kane took a simple nude frock, and put some sheer fabric with black trim detailing to make it go from zero to hero. Comme des Garçons explored all sorts of nudity in the fall collection, but the geometric shapes created by the sheerness of the fabric stuck out to me. The mini from D&G has lovely construction, and exceptional detailing in the fabric. The next look, I don't know if it's Lily or if it's the dress, but I think it looks just absolutely exquisite. Missoni took a completely different naked view than everyone else-- the naked nomad. There were plenty of delicious colors from the nude spectrum used in the fall collection, and all of the flowiness and layering just creates such a beautiful look.

Chloe, Hussein Chalayan, Nina Ricci, Marni, Mark Fast, Etro, Francesco Scognamiglio

However, some designers just didn't have the cajones to go full out naked, but th
ey did have a bit of an exhibistionist streak in them; they opted for toplessness. Chloe paired a nude top with a light creme flowy suit with highwaisted pants. Vavavoooom, Hussein Chalayan created a sexy look in using a busty nude color block. Oh Lily, this is the second time you've been in a look this post, and I apologize for exposing you so much! However, this Nina Ricci gown begins with a simple embellished nude top and fades to a lovely detailed floral train. Marni uses a simple nude top to showcase a lovely navy ensemble with a fuzzy wuzzy jacket, while Mark Fast applied the KISS (Keep it simple, stupid.) method to his look, with a simple black romper paired with a teeny-weeny nude tank. A mosaic-esque skirt from Etro is the focal point of the next look, set against a soft 3/4th sleeve nude shirt. Although the color choice may be soft for the last look, the silhouette makes a dramatic impression. Francesco Scognamiglio shows off some impressive construction via an intensley ruffled nude button-down shirt with an intensely ruffled collar.

Right as I thought the nudity was subsiding, the designers threw decency out the door all over again, and sent more naked girls down the catwalk!

Jason Wu, Versace, Matthew Williamson, Christian Dior

all images via style

Saving it For a Rainy Day

It's a tad gray outside today, so I figured I'd brighten things up with this great editorial. In fact, this is probably one of my favorite editorials of late. The colors, the eccentricity of the balloons, and Magdalena work fantastically together. It was shot by Solve Sundsbo for Vogue China's April 2009 issue.
Here's everything with the exception of the Versace dress on the runway. I've gotta say, the Christopher Kane and Dolce & Gabbana match up is stunning, kudos to the stylist.

Guiltily, I am posting this. GaGa is all over the place already, I know, I know, but either you love her or you hate her, and I am loving this. It's long, but you've got to watch the whole thing to get the message. Maybe when I have time I'll look up all the designer duds she's sporting in the video, and post the runway versions.

You love it, a lot.

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Absolutely Still

Better Than Ezra's new single! The video is so awesome, especially because I played in many boxes as a child. Quite catchy, and delightful to the ears, the song was easy to get stuck in my head. I find it quite fitting for all the graduations and school endings happening right now, and wanting to hang onto a moment with someone.

I was recently looking through Not Just a Label, and found this awesome collection which featured bioluminescence. The designer, Vega Zaishi Wang, explains the use of the lamps, "And also I use EL (electroluminescent) lamp in my collection, EL lamp is, in short, printed lamps made from phosphorus ink screen-printed onto a conductive film. When a low-voltage current activates the ink, it lights up." I am easily amused, and I thought these pieces were really interesting. A Central Saint Marten's graduate, this was apparently the designer's 2008 graduate show.

images via NJAL

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

While We Wait

While we wait... It feels like I'm anticipating a few things lately. First off, I want to update the Cruise 2010 collections! What I've seen of the YSL and Missoni collections have provoked a large amount of curiosity. The second main thing I absolutely cannot wait for is the Antwerp Royal Academy of Art's fashion show. It runs from June 11-13, so we've got a few weeks, but I am so excited to see the student's collections. Going back through the archives, the students always produce such artistic pieces that really showcase their creativity without feeling the pressures of trying to bend to the market's standards as an up-and-coming struggling designer.

The pictures above are from Basil Soda's SS09 collection. He's a designer I recently stumbled upon, and it seems his forte is embellishments on floorlength gowns. Apparently Katy Perry wore the gown on the right to the Grammy's, and Paris Hilton was spotted wearing one of his creations at the amfAR benefit in Cannes.

images via basil soda

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Wait, they don't love you like I love you.

Okay, I've gotta say, way to go Nylon. This is a huge upgrade from the Young Hollywood issue's cover (bleh). Karen O rocks, Rodarte rocks, and this cover rocks. Okay, that was slightly cheesy, I admit, but I really love the vibe of the cover. The only thing that has my slightly confused is her hair. WTF is going on in the back of it? Girl needs a trim before she develops some stanky rat tail.

I kind of wish they would have not put those blue leggings underneath the Rodarte ones, but I do like how they shortened the skirt. Randomly, this cover brings forth memories of that intense YSL commercial Coco did to the sounds of the YYY's Gold Lion.

You love it.

cover via nylon's myspace
image via style

Monday, May 25, 2009

The Wedding Party: Sasha Pivovarova

Shot by Arthurt Elgort for the June issue of US Vogue with Cameron Diaz on the cover. I believe this is celebrating Sasha's recently renewed vows to Igor Vishnyakov. In 2005, then just friends, he was apparently the one who took photos of her and sent them into IMG, and two weeks later she was stomping down the runway opening for Prada. Along with Sasha in this editorial are Irina Kulikova and Jessica Stam. In the third image, Sasha's joy and laughter looks just so genuine and charming. Also, the fourth image with Sasha and her bridesmaids is so striking the way she's peeking over the boquet with Stam right behind her giving off that gentle, delicate aura. I don't know if it's my love for Jessica that continuously draws my eyes to her, but I feel like she's stealing this one. For an editorial shot in a stuido it really is lovely work, Arthur.

scans via SashaCo @ tFs

Chanel Cruise 2010: The Campaign

Karen Elson & Baptiste Giabiconi

images via tfs

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Erdem Resort 2010

Erdem Moralioglu has been on fire lately. This 14 look collection is one full of charming prints. I love the navy print contrasted against the orange/red/olive/white one. The simple silhouettes let the prints do the talking. The highwaisted, kimono-y looks are fantastic. Konichiwa bitches.

images via style


Jessica Stam in Gucci (Fashion CA Nov '06)
scan via bwgreyscale

Oops!...They Did It Again

I would consider my collection of music quite eclectic, but I'm not really that into the punkish side of rock that Green Day explores, so when I heard that Green Day was coming out with a new album I was honestly unexcited. Don't get me wrong, I loved American Idiot, but I figured it would be pretty meh-ish, and just a slumpy album after the success of American Idiot. I was wrong. The momentum from American Idiot carried right on over to 21st Century Breakdown. The leadoff single, Know Your Enemy is freaking catchy, and after a few listens you'll have Billie Joe Armstrong's question stuck in your head. Do you know the enemy? Personal favorites off the album include 21 Guns (I am assuming it is the second single), ¡Viva La Gloria!, Restless Heart Syndrome, and See the Light.

image via rollingstone

Let's Go for a Dip

It's Memorial Day weekend, and the pools are opening, which makes me want summer even more. Thankfully, I only have four days left of my junior year of high school.

scans via tfs
drew barrymore in may '09 US elle

Curveball & The Fall Issue: Ugly Betty Season 3 Finale!

If you didn't catch it on Thursday night, the Betty finale was two hours packed full of intense drama. Henry made a return to New York, which sent Betty spinning. Daniel becomes surrounded by media attention, because of the wedding and the shedding of his playboy image. Willhemina cozied up to Victoria Hartley in a ploy to drive a wedge between Cal and Claire. Also, a features editor at MODE fell right on out a window creating a job opening that Marc and Betty have to compete for. Ch-ch-check it out if you haven't already! (Some of the songs featured in the finale are BEP's Boom Boom Pow, The Fray's You Found Me, Lady GaGa's The Fame, and Cindy Lauper's Time After Time.)

image via abc

June Covers

Megan Fox (Elle US), Natalia Vodianova (Vogue Russia), Heidi Klum (Vogue Germany), Marion Cotillard (Elle France), Kim Noorda (Elle Netherlands)

images via whosdatedwho

Saturday, May 23, 2009

i walk like this 'cause i can back it up

This is seriously so fierce that words cannot describe the level of fierceness this achieves. Really though, bedazzled leotards are becoming Beyonce's trademark or something like that. When I first heard this song, I didn't even think it would become a single, but I am glad it did. I love the choreography. It seems so much smoother? sexier? sultrier? whereas Single Ladies was about the raw dance vibe.

Definitely digging the end where she's just freestylin' in the chair.

(Could anyone else really get away with spirit fingers on their boobs?)

chanel cruise 2010

I figured I'd been wanting to do this for a while, so I'm starting off this fashion blogging venture with my review of the Chanel 2010 Resort collection. Let's start off by saying that I think the venue is a definite upgrade from last year's Chanel Resort show-- it just seems more luxurious in Venice. I must say, I for one would walk around with the masquerade shades Uncle Karl armed the models with. The 20's inspired wigs and the heavy eye makeup were nice touches that added to the glamorous Venetian show. I am particularly fond of the gray striped sweater that Jourdan rocked, it just looks so effortlessly awesome. The necklaces and cuffs were so bangin', that they could have waltzed (or whatever type of dance they do) right out of a masquerade. The shade of pink of the pants (paired with the red cardigan with the black trim) just tickles me all the right ways a pink should tickle.

images via style