Thursday, May 28, 2009

Absolutely Still

Better Than Ezra's new single! The video is so awesome, especially because I played in many boxes as a child. Quite catchy, and delightful to the ears, the song was easy to get stuck in my head. I find it quite fitting for all the graduations and school endings happening right now, and wanting to hang onto a moment with someone.

I was recently looking through Not Just a Label, and found this awesome collection which featured bioluminescence. The designer, Vega Zaishi Wang, explains the use of the lamps, "And also I use EL (electroluminescent) lamp in my collection, EL lamp is, in short, printed lamps made from phosphorus ink screen-printed onto a conductive film. When a low-voltage current activates the ink, it lights up." I am easily amused, and I thought these pieces were really interesting. A Central Saint Marten's graduate, this was apparently the designer's 2008 graduate show.

images via NJAL

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