Sunday, May 24, 2009

Oops!...They Did It Again

I would consider my collection of music quite eclectic, but I'm not really that into the punkish side of rock that Green Day explores, so when I heard that Green Day was coming out with a new album I was honestly unexcited. Don't get me wrong, I loved American Idiot, but I figured it would be pretty meh-ish, and just a slumpy album after the success of American Idiot. I was wrong. The momentum from American Idiot carried right on over to 21st Century Breakdown. The leadoff single, Know Your Enemy is freaking catchy, and after a few listens you'll have Billie Joe Armstrong's question stuck in your head. Do you know the enemy? Personal favorites off the album include 21 Guns (I am assuming it is the second single), ¡Viva La Gloria!, Restless Heart Syndrome, and See the Light.

image via rollingstone

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